Resources for Loved Ones of Problem Gamblers

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"What should I do?" 

The question of 'what should I do?' is a common one among the loved ones of those struggling with a gambling disorder. The information below are some resources to provide assistance.

A Guide To Having the Conversation: Families and Gambling:

Now is a great time to “have the conversation” about the risks of gambling and gambling addiction in a non-judgmental and conversational matter-of-fact manner. Removing Stigmas associated with addictive behaviors can often start with the language that is being used.

Treatment Services

For a professional assessment and treatment resources near you, visit There are over 80 outpatient gambling counselling and treatment organizations available.

In Ohio, problem gambling treatment services are free. Contact the Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline at 800.589.9966 to speak to a referral specialist.

While In-patient treatment services are not available in Ohio, Residential Gambling Treatment Programs are available nationally. 

Free Resources:

A Guide To Having the Conversation: Families and Gambling

Helping Partners in a Relationship with a Problem Gambler