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Problem Gambling Advocacy Day

Join stakeholders from across the country on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 for Problem Gambling Advocacy Day

Our national event brings advocates and lawmakers together in a grassroots effort to highlight the importance of developing strong public policies relating to problem gambling. This includes using some of the $7 billion in federal tax revenue from gambling for much-needed federal funding for education, research, treatment and prevention. Registration is required but there is no fee.

Your day will include:

  1. Orientation for participants on Capitol Hill layout and protocols for in-person advocacy, including how to use provided talking points to get your message across quickly and effectively. 

  2. Open briefing on problem gambling for Congressional representatives and staff, highlighting the most pressing issues currently facing the field. 

  3. Visit your representatives in their House and Senate offices.  You'll sharpen your advocacy skills to use back in your home state too!

Come to DC and share your personal stories, concerns and priorities with your own elected officials on this day of action. You can play a critical role in shaping their decisions and actions on state and federal legislation. 

Make your voice heard!

For additional information and to register, visit