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While some professionals in the field have had success bringing problem gambling awareness to campuses through educating first-year students, Greek Life, athletes and other student leaders such as Resident Advisors, many professionals have encountered challenges in creating these partnerships. Our goal for this forum is to have open discussions and small group activities to explore what have those challenges been? What are common barriers and how can we navigate them? If you have been successful, how did you get your “foot in the door?” What successful strategies did you implement to create buy-in? Through nation-wide research the National Council on Problem Gambling's Prevention Committee has identified four key variables for creating successful partnerships with local campuses, those variable are:

  • The use of pre-existing partnerships
  • Combining problem gambling awareness with other perceived campus issues (alcohol, drugs, mental health, sexual violence, etc…)
  • Use of peer-education programming and peer leadership
  • Using a different moniker than “Problem Gambling”  such as  “Positive Decision Making” “Financial Wellness” or “Bystander Intervention” etc…

These variables along with the percieved goals of the campuses and students involved will be brainstormed in small group activites and whole group discussions. 

Date: Friday, June 22nd 2018

Where: Cleveland State University: Mather Mansion, 1802 East 25th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44115

When: 11:00am – 3:00pm

Cost: FREE and LUNCH will be provided

*Please feel free to pass this invitation along to interested colleagues.

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