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Advanced Gambling Training (Cincinnati) - "Gambling Disorder and other Behavioral Addictions"

Last Chance!  Join us for the Advanced Disordered Gambling Training "Gambling Disorder and other Behavioral Addictions: Understanding, assessing and treating these old and new addictions" with Dr. Chris Tuell from the University of Cincinnati. Breakfast and Lunch provided.

Training Description:

Problem Gambling, along with other behavioral addictions (sex, gaming, internet, spending) is the habitual drive to continue an action even to the detriment of the individual's health and happiness.  Individuals who experience these forms of addiction continue to repeat the actions which are harmful to one's mind and body, resulting in affecting the happiness of the individual, resulting in the loss of relationships, employment, and one's overall sense of well-being.  Gambling, and other behavioral activities, are practiced on some level by almost everyone.  But when does a behavior become problematic and begins to interfere with one's quality of life?  This presentation will examine the role that Problem Gambling and other behavioral addictions have upon mental health and recovery.  Dr. Tuell will discuss the role that the addictive brain plays in this process, as well as the relationship it has with co-occurring disorders.  The CUBIS Model of addiction will be discussed and how it pertains to mental health and Substance Use Disorders.  Assessment and treatment strategies will be discussed along with case studies and audio/visual media. 

Friday May 25, 2018
9:00 am to 4:30 pm EDT

Talbert House - Executive Office
2600 Victory Parkway
3rd Floor Training Room
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

Day-of-Training Information:

  • Sign-in and continental breakfast will begin at 8:30am
  • The training will begin promptly at 9:00am
  • Lunch will be provided

Prerequisite: Stage I: Foundations in Disordered Gambling AND Stage II: Treating the Disordered Gambler OR 24 hours of previous gambling counseling training required.

This training will provide 6 CEU's for social workers, counselors, and gambling counselors as well as 6 RCH's for chemical dependency and prevention professionals.

Cost: $25.00

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