Progress made in technology introduced the concept of gamification in the industry of gambling. As a matter of fact, gamification is an innovative approach consisting of fusing slot machines and video games. The accessibility of online casinos on smartphones, tablets and computer aims at making gambling more fun, more creative, more easily going through the viewing of superheroes while playing on casino games.

What Gamification Seeks to Achieve

Before the opening of online casinos, gamblers could only carry out their betting activities through game machines in life casinos. Which means that any potential player simply needed to insert a coin into the slot machine and got to the outcome of his game. Nowadays gaming machines are offered in their virtual form by various game studios, betsoft’s slots are among the most known, the company and its competitors are constantly developing new products for the online casinos. These games inspired by all the spheres of life feature various elements such as displaying videos, being playable on smartphones and others.

Gamification is intended to make gambling an exciting adventure by adding more value to it through what is termed as missions. A player coming to an online casino has the choice between many games like slot machines, table games or video games. He can either bet by playing Black Jack, Poker or using the large panel of video games offered by each online casino. The games are constructed by big editors like Microgaming and others. Many topics are developed by the suppliers: stories, football, history and many others. In other words, gaming in this ease is based on predicting your chances of winning a given game by playing. If the player’s bet wins, that is his predictions have coincided with the exact move in the game, the gambler is said to have achieved his missions. Of course, after betting successfully, the player is awarded a prize, a point or gain promotion.

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