Opinion: Why Microtransactions Prey on Children

EA and microtransactions are back in the spotlight again with a report emerging from BBC. This is the story of how the company’s aggressive monetization strategies emptied out a family’s bank account. It seems as if the moment EA waft their fart away from themselves, somebody is there to nudge it back at them…

This time, the focus is on FIFA and their Ultimate Team. According to Intelligent Economist, the game nets the company $650 million dollars and above. To understand that better, FIFA is responsible for around 40% of the company’s revenue.

Those figures make it easy to understand why the franchise is such a valuable thing to EA. When one game is propping up half of your revenue, you’re going to lean on it pretty heavily. The problem is that microtransactions have been netting these AAA companies more money than the sales of the actual game have been. And, as we all know, greed gives way to tyranny.

After some time following these stories and seeing the community’s reaction to the reports, I must ask the question: are microtransactions making FIFA unsafe for children?

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