Column: Sales by lottery retailers would boost funding for education

As Ohio debates the best path to enter the legal sports betting arena, it is imperative that we do it right the first time. That means crafting a system that maximizes money for the state and enhances the business climate.

Today, legislators are debating two separate approaches: Senate Bill 111 would put the casinos in charge but does not specify how the proceeds would be spent; House Bill 194 would place sports betting under the Ohio Lottery Commission so profits would go to education.

The lottery offers the best path forward.

Ohio already made a major blunder by allowing casinos to write their own rules and create their own monopoly through a 2009 ballot issue. Casinos falsely sold the measure as a way to generate quick cash and boost economic development. Consider the recent comments of Matthew Schuler, executive director of the Ohio Casino Control Commission: “All of them (casino projections) were wrong.″

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