The Impact of Legal Sports Betting: 60% of Now-Legal Bettors Had Never Wagered Before

Just a little over six months ago, sports betting in the United States was legal in one place only, Nevada, and it had been like that since 1949. 

A lot can happen in half of a year, though, and as it stands today, sports wagering is legal in one form or another in eight states total. New Jersey opened up the legalization floodgates in June 2018 after a Supreme Court battle and Delaware, West Virginia, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico quickly followed suit. 

Depending on what state they call home, gamblers can now place fully legal sports wagers through an online sportsbook like DraftKings or at a brick-and-mortar casino, instead of navigating the murky waters of bookies and offshore websites. 

What kind of impact has legalized sports wagering had on bettors that reside in the aforementioned states?

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