In raw confessional, Craig Carton says ‘I’m a gambling addict’

As cautionary tales go, it’s a horror story. It’s a video titled, “The Reckoning” — something like “The Shining,” except it’s based on facts.

It stars — likely in his last role until many pages fall from a calendar as seen in old prison movies — Craig Carton.

Carton, 50, is scheduled to stand before Judge Colleen McMahon in Manhattan federal court on Friday to be sentenced for a reported $5.6 million in gambling-driven financial fraud.

Carton ran a fraudulent bulk ticket business, promising investors prime seats to big concerts, but instead spent $7 million to pay off his own gambling debts. He faces as many as 45 years in prison, though prosecutors have recommended 5-7 years.

“The Reckoning” was apparently shot and edited six weeks ago, and was to be released to the public — as per Carton’s wishes — following Friday’s sentencing. If he prefers a jailhouse confession to a preemptive one designed to curry the court’s sympathy, that’s good on him. Either way, he’s headed to prison, no one left to con.

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