Ohio Sports Betting Bill Finally Appears; Will Sports Gambling Also Surface In Governor’s Budget?

A long-awaited sports betting bill appeared in Ohio on Thursday, marking one of the last major states in the Midwest or Northeast to address the topic in earnest. And it seems primed to get a real push this spring.

The legislation — which you can see here — would allow for both land-based and online wagering in the state.

In the Ohio budget?

Adding intrigue is the timing of the bill, it comes just a day before Republican Gov. Mike DeWine is scheduled to release his budget. The sponsor of the new bill is State Sen. John Eklund, who is also a Republican and chairs the chamber’s Judiciary Committee.

It’s at least feasible that a fleshed out sports gambling bill comes with a push to add revenue to the state budget.

If that’s the case, the possibility of Ohio getting to the finish line on the legislation would seemingly become more likely.

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