Slot Machine Jingles Encourage Gamblers to Keep Gambling

The jingle is attractive, to say the least. Many gamblers feel that the jingle of the slot machines is the music of the casino. However, the flashing lights and the cheerful sounds may be the reason people lose money at the slots. Research indicates slot machine lights and sounds may make people think they are going to win big at any minute. The reality is they may be losing money.

Slot Machines—and Carnivals

Slot machines were invented in the late nineteenth century. At the time slot machines were created, many carnival and circuses wanted automatic machines to go into their midways. There were already automatic prize machines available. They were not popular because customers won small little cheap trinkets instead of prizes an adult would want. The first slot machine, the Liberty Bell, was invented in San Francisco. The first slot machine had three reels (or wheels) that had five possible symbols on them. Like all slot machines now, the winners were generated by random numbers. The first slot machine had a payout of twenty quarters on a nickel spin. Modern slot machines can have multi-million dollar payouts. Since the first slot machine was developed, they have been popular gaming machines, generating more money than any table game. Slot machines have had bright lights and music for over 100 years, which was intended to make the game more enjoyable.

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