Loot box gambling and YouTubers team up to ruin 2019 as quickly as possible

The questionably-legal MysteryBrand doesn't see why the loot box experience should be restricted to virtual items.

A website called MysteryBrand, which seemingly launched late last year (though may have been around longer under a different name), is selling videogame-style lootboxes—there are even color-coded rarity levels—that promise users real products, ranging in value from fidget spinners to Lamborghini Centenarios. Welcome to 2019!

We noticed MysteryBrand after seeing a Motherboard report pointing out that YouTube muppet Jake Paul, among others, is promoting the site to his millions of subscribers. It works just like loot boxes do in games: Before virtually 'opening' a box, you can see the possible contents, and while the most expensive items such as cars, watches, vacations, laptops, and graphics cards are at the top, you'll most likely end up with a common item like a calculator watch or phone case. One $7 gaming-themed box is likely to reveal a keyboard keycap remover or cheap mouse, though it's possible you'll come away with an Alienware laptop.

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