How the Internet changed the gambling sector and our betting habits

Online gambling, i.e., gambling on the Internet, has changed how most people bet. The Internet has also transformed the gambling sector dramatically. Online gambling includes sports betting, lotteries, casinos, poker rooms, and dozens of other games of chance.

In many countries, Internet gambling is illegal. In the European Union, Canada, and several Caribbean Islands, it is legal.

In the United States each state can determine whether online gambling is legal in its area. Most states haven’t legalized online gambling yet, which means that in most US states online gambling is still illegal,

That’s why today only a few online casinos are active in the US. Even land based American casinos like the famous Winstar from Oklahoma don’t offer real money online casino in the US. Winstar, for example, recently launched the Winstar Real Money Casino on the internet but only for European players.

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