Missouri and Ohio are considering legalizing sports gambling, are OK with integrity fees

There are already eight states in the U.S. that have legalized sports gambling since this past May, with several more preparing to consider legislation after the new year kicks off. Adding to the growing list of jurisdictions that are amenable to the idea of allowing their residents to place bets on sporting events are Missouri and Ohio, both of which have said that they see no problem giving the sports leagues their request “integrity fee.”

Missouri already has a bill in the works, Senate Bill 44 (S.B. 44). It would allow sports wagers at floating casinos, as well as through online platforms, and would place a tax of 12% on the adjusted gross receipts of sportsbooks. In addition, there would be 2% “administrative fee” assessed on adjusted gross receipts, as well as an integrity fee of one-half a percent.

In addition, operators would also have to pay a $10,000 fee for each brick-and-mortar license, as well as each interactive license. An additional fee of $5,000 would have to be paid as a separate integrity fee to the Missouri Gaming Commission and the $10,000 fee would be assessed every time a license is renewed.

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