National Framework will make Australia “a leader in social responsibility”

Australia’s first ‘National Consumer Protection Framework’ will solidify the nation’s status as “a leader in social responsibility in wagering”, according to the Minister for Social Services Paul Fletcher.

The six state governments of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia will now collaborate on developing consistent nationwide policies, regulating the online gambling sector.

Seeking to harmonise regulatory codes, practices and standards, the National Framework published its founding ‘10 measures’ which will be implemented progressively over the next 18-month period:

  1. Prohibiting all lines of credit for online wagering/gambling

  2. Barring payday lending functions for betting consumers

  3. Developing unified ID-verification standards and processes

  4. Applying restrictions on inducements – vouchers, refer-a-friend schemes and bonuses

  5. Enforcing a ‘voluntary opt-out’ player commitment scheme

  6. Establishing standards and requirements for consistent messaging on online gambling marketing

  7. Monitoring online gambling operator staff training

  8. Putting forward requirements on data gathering of player transactions and activities

  9. Supervising correct operator ‘Account Closure’ procedures

  10. Establishing and operating Australia’s ‘National Self Exclusion Register’

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