Problem Gambling Court Soon To Be In Session

People from around the world come to Las Vegas for fun and excitement and that often centers around a slot machine or blackjack table.

But for some people, the fun stops and the compulsion takes over. When that happens, people can become desperate for money, which means they'll turn to crime to pay for their addiction. 

A new Clark County court will soon be in session specifically designed to hear cases involving problem gamblers. The court is the creation of Family Court Judge Cheryl Moss.

Moss said there should be a community response to problem gambling because it benefits the community to keep people out of jail.

The court will work like other specialty courts that divert people to help instead of jail. In problem gambling court, people who have been arrested for a crime related to a gambling addiction can go to treatment and if they follow all the rules outlined by the court, they can have their case dismissed.

Before the court, people who embezzled from their company or stole money from family members would have to face the consequences of those crimes. This way they can get the help they need.

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