Sex, gambling and the internet – Vatican dives into ‘new dependencies’

Representatives from the Vatican are joining forces with scientific experts later this week to address the problem of drugs and a rise in what have been dubbed “new dependencies,” including addictions to sex, the internet and gambling.

Professor Nicolò Pisanu, President of Pontifical Salesian University’s Institute of Psychopedagogical and Social Sciences, and head of the “Progetto Uomo” [Human Project] of the Italian Federation of Therapeutic Communities, said there has recently been a change in the world of science when it comes to drugs, changing from the term “substances” to “dependencies.”

In comments to Crux, Pisanu said the reason for this change is that the type of addictions themselves have changed, and that “with new dependencies such as gambling and the internet, you can’t speak about substances anymore.”

“They are phenomena that bring dependency,” and because of this, there has also been a change in the type of therapeutic treatments offered to addicts.

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