Ohio’s 2018 Sports Betting Launch Chances Plunge, Constitutional Amendment Eyed

Even though hopes were high for legal sports wagering in the state of Ohio and its greenlighting by the end of this year, the possibility of such move declines with every passing day. It was recently confirmed that Larry Obhof, President of the state Senate claims that the proposed bill legalizing betting on sports events would be carefully examined following the ballot in November and the Senate is not likely to witness it by the end of 2018.

Mr. Obhof stated that according to him there should be a constitutional amendment on a state level allowing gambling on sports events within Ohio, meaning that the legislature does not have the capacity to implement such changes to the regulation. It could be recalled, that 2009 brought similar constitutional amendment aiming to legalize casino gambling in Ohio. With the help of more hearings on the proposed bill, this general uncertainty could be resolved and the next step could be made.

The lawmaker made it clear that he does not support this new for the state gaming offering and as far as he is concerned, he would show no support for a potential constitutional amendment. At the moment illegal sports betting is able to generate about $3 billion which are not invested back into the community but instead sinking into the deep pockets of illicit bookies. According to the projections introduced in order to support legalization, as much as $1 billion in the form of tax revenue would be generated throughout the first 12 months of sports betting operation in Ohio.

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