Ohio State | Gene Smith prepares for effects of gambling

Gene Smith is not in favor of legalized betting on college sports.

But like it or not, the Ohio State athletic director knows that it’s coming. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in May that the ban on sports gambling outside of Nevada was unconstitutional.

So college administrators are bracing for its arrival and trying to safeguard against potential abuses that might arise from it. One proposal from a recent panel of ADs was to establish a weekly injury report for football.

CBSsports.com reported that Smith told a National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics panel last week in Washington that the Big Ten has asked the NCAA to consider such an injury reporting system.

“We talked about the injury reports, and obviously that’s something we should think about making more transparent and having more consistency,” Smith said.

The perceived availability of potentially injured players can affect the betting line. If that has to be declared, that can minimize a potential vulnerability that gamblers could exploit.

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