Ohio Weighs Sports Betting Legalization Options amid Wagering Regulation Wave

Sports betting has been a topic of wide discussion across the states which comes as no surprise to anyone in the field since the US Supreme Court gave green light to its expansion. The state of Ohio has been eyeing the possibility of sports wagering legalization for the past several weeks and there are still prospects of this sector developing its operation in the upcoming months.

This May brought one of the most eventful months for the US gambling field in many years, since the SCOTUS ruled in favor of change and overturned one of the older regulations. Back in 1992 the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was established in the field and ever since then placing bets on sports events has been considered an illegal gambling practice.

Nevada had some freedom in this sense and up until this May, it had the opportunity to provide players with a chance to enjoy sports betting in a legal way. However, since the rules have changed, every state has the freedom to come up with its own set of rules regulating the sector and decide whether or not it would be beneficial for the region to introduce sports betting in general.

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