Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was a crucial figure in bringing casino gambling to Ohio — and it offers insight into his transformation of downtown Detroit

When Dan Gilbert expands his businesses, he doesn't move to a place and stand idly by. Since moving his mortgage company Quicken Loans' headquarters to Detroit in 2010, he's invested more than $3.5 billion (with $2.1 billion more in development) into the city's downtown, where his company Bedrock owns 81 properties. And before that, after he became the majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA team in 2005, he began thinking of ways to expand his influence there, as well.

"There's a natural opportunistic thing that happens where one thing leads to another,"Gilbert told Business Insider for an episode of our podcast " Success! How I Did It ." "So now we have the Cavaliers, things are going pretty good, and we see this opportunity where we feel like we could impact things."

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