Sports gambling

Like it or not, sports gambling appears destined for Ohio now that the U.S. Supreme Court has struck down a federal law that banned betting in most states.

Congress still could act to restrict such gambling, but the court opened the door for individual states to decide.

Ohio lawmakers should get in on the action and pass sports gambling regulations if they don’t want a repeat of what happened 10 years ago, when special interests advanced a constitutional amendment that led to casino gambling.

That issue helped establish a monopoly for casino operators in the state.

Expanding gambling options in Ohio will take time and debate but, from a practical standpoint, seems to make sense. Creating reasonable rules to guide sports gambling and seize a piece of the revenue stream seems like the most prudent way to proceed.

Ohio already allows most forms of gambling: casinos and racinos, horse racing, lottery, bingo and various charitable games. But betting on college and professional athletic events remains taboo.

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