It's never been so easy to be a degenerate gambler in America: Phillip Morris

I visited a casino sports book during a recent trip to Las Vegas where I seriously considered betting on the Cleveland Browns to make it to Super Bowl LIII (53).

I'm convinced our hometown team is going to shock the NFL world this upcoming season. With the odds then at 66-1 for the Browns to play in the game, a $100 bet would net me $6,600 if the Browns do indeed represent the AFC in the 2019 Super Bowl.

A $100 Brown's wager was within the gambling budget I set before arriving in Sin City. But, when it came time to cough up the money, I couldn't bring myself to place the bet. It didn't feel right. I'm really not sure why (or maybe I am).

I realize I'm part of a nation of fairly degenerate gamblers - some more compulsive than others. We routinely gamble in our supermarkets, gas stations, bars, restaurants, churches, not to mention racetracks and casinos. We now place a bet or purchase lottery tickets with the ease that we purchase a soda or a gallon of gas - and the gambling options are constantly evolving.

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