A safe bet

The genie might be out of the bottle when it comes to gambling, but let’s get real about the revenue it’s supposed to generate

Legalized gambling used to consist of a few bingo squares at church and the occasional trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Now, lotteries are huge and include multistate mega games, and you’re never more than a few hours drive from a casino. And that’s to say nothing of what gamblers can find on the internet.

So the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down a federal ban on sports betting would seem to cut away one of the last barriers to popular gambling.

Consider how popular — if not illicit — sports betting already is. Ever put money into a March Madness bracket pool? Bet a little on the Super Bowl?

Now, what many casual gamblers consider practically harmless might look like a windfall to lawmakers inclined to cash in on another potential revenue source.

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