Is sports gambling in Ohio’s future?

When the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a federal ban on sports betting in most states earlier this month, it opened state-sanctioned bookmaking on sporting events — for a take of the action, of course.

This isn’t your simple office pool wagering seen before March madness or the Super Bowl. It’s gambling on athletic events, from the coin toss to the final score and a variety of things in between.

While we’re wary of the idea — we’re not even enamored of the Ohio lottery accepting credit and debit cards — we know sports betting could raise a sizable chunk of revenue for the state. So be prepared for state legislators to pursue those funds.

If that happens, we urge lawmakers to not restrict sports betting to the four casinos, or even racinos with video lottery terminals and the places that have table games.

We also ask legislators to think twice about allowing a type of gambling that calls for an integrity fee for leagues to validate events on which bets are placed and to police athletes to avert point shaving and other forms of corruption.

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