What do you think about the legalization of sports wagering? Talk it Out

If sports gambling was legalized in Ohio, would you spend your money betting on the Cavaliers, Indians or Browns?

The Supreme Court struck down a federal law Monday which prohibited sports gambling. That means allowing wagering on sports is up to the states.

Ohio doesn't currently have any rules on the books about sports gambling, unlike states like Pennsylvania and West Virginia. 

Operators of Ohio's four casinos in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo said they would welcome the opportunity to add sports wagering, reported cleveland.com's Rich Exner and Andrew Tobias.

There's no rush -- if it's even on the way. The governor's office released a statement that indicated expanding gambling isn't a priority. ESPN marked Ohio as a state where legalization may be delayed.

Wondering about how sports gambling works? Check out this comprehensive report from cleveland.com's Marc Bona where he answers all the questions you might have about the ruling.

Though the ruling could expand the casino business in Ohio, it might not amount to as many new tax dollars as you might think. Rich Exner breaks down just how much Ohio could get from it.

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