Wife of former Niles Mayor pleads no contest in public corruption case

After more than two years of legal battles and investigations, the wife of former Mayor of Niles has pleaded no contest to criminal charges in court. 

After several hours of behind doors conversations between attorneys for Ralph and Judy Infante and prosecutors, both sides have announced that a plea agreement has been reached, but only for one of the defendants. 

Infante, who served as mayor of Niles for 24 years, was originally charged with 56 criminal charges including engaging in a pattern of corrupt activities, theft in office, money laundering, bribery, tampering with records, gambling, and operating a gambling house.

His wife, Judy Infante, was also charged with engaging in corrupt activities, tampering with records, and theft.

In a late afternoon announcement, it was announced that Judy Infante had agreed to a plea agreement in which she would plead no contest to amended charges. 

Judy Infante pleaded no contest to amended charges of filing false information. 

As a result, she could face up to two years in prison plus fines. She was also mandated to file amended tax returns. She is scheduled to be sentenced on may 15th. 

The initial indictment alleged a pattern of criminal activity covered all the years Infante served as mayor of Niles.

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