Ohio Lottery's new initiatives include paying with credit, play at the pump and new games

The Ohio Lottery is undertaking several new initiatives expected to increase revenue and offer new options to players.

Here's what's new:

Cashless payments

Lottery self-service terminals now accept credit and debit cards and eWallet payments.

The lottery began installing payment systems last fall on instant ticket kiosks and self-service games. All pin pads should be installed by mid-February.

Once complete, there will be 7,550 self-service terminals with cashless pin pads. Cashless sales through last week were $4.23 million.

There is a $100-per-day limit per card. 

The lottery will begin converting terminals at retail locations to accept credit and debit cards. That should be complete by fall.

Play at the gas pump

Play at the Pump equipment will be installed on April 29. The specific date when it will be offered has not yet been finalized, spokesman Danielle Frizzi-Babb said in an email.

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