Letter to the Editor: Keep gambling risk in mind while playing games, lotteries

On behalf of the Cuyahoga Problem Gambling Coalition, we are writing to raise awareness on the importance of the media’s portrayal of gambling and its effects on individuals.

Problem gambling is a problem that disrupts/damages someone’s mental and physical health, spiritual well-being, relationships and everyday life. One in 10 Ohioans are at-risk gamblers, and the number of problem gamblers in Ohio has doubled since the opening of casinos. Cuyahoga County residents call the Problem Gambling Hotline two times more than other counties in the state.

Those with a severe gambling addiction have the highest attempted rate of suicide compared to any other addiction. Media coverage for gambling and lottery rarely advises people to play responsibly, acknowledge risks, or provide help/advice for those consistently gambling/playing the lottery.

The recent Powerball lottery jackpot captured a great deal of attention, with people believing their chances of winning increase when buying more tickets. Players are unaware of risks when consistently partaking in gambling behaviors.

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