Your Family: Gambling Problems

Sheryl Bautch from the Family Service of Champaign County joins the Morning Show with some tips for noticing when gambling could be becoming a problem.

Gambling has become an acceptable and popular form of entertainment for seniors. However, for some seniors, gambling for fun turns into problem gambling with serious, negative consequences. There are warning signs of which seniors and their families should be aware.

Entertainment and socialization: For seniors facing boredom and loneliness, gambling can be fun and exciting. It can also be an opportunity to socialize with others in a friendly and safe environment.

Increased availability: Opportunities for gambling have increased dramatically from what they were a generation ago, from casinos, to the Lottery, to Internet gambling.

Changing cultural values: While gambling was once widely regarded as sinful or immoral, it is now promoted as safe, fun and wholesome entertainment.

The lure of the “Big Win”: Many seniors are on a fixed income and are really struggling financially. Gambling presents the possibility, however unlikely, of winning big and being financially set for life, not just for the senior but for his or her children and grandchildren as well.

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