Gamblers ignore new warning signs on Canadian slot machines

Millions of Canadians have played slots over the years. Slot machines in Canada have had large jackpot payouts in the last decade. But, most experts believe the odds of winning on a slot machine are slim. In fact, there are better odds of winning on a table game. Researchers have been studying the gambling behavior of Canadians. They have noted that even though some slot machines have warning labels, Canadians continue to play them.

The Research Project

Two professors at the University of Waterloo began a research project jackpot on slot machines. They started by studying the people who played them. The researchers found the slots games fool people into thinking they are winning, even when they are losing a game. For example, the researchers found many slot machines had flashing lights and musical celebrations. These lights would flash and the music would activate if a person had a close call or a near miss. They would also activate if a person won a small jackpot.

All these techniques made players think they were winning more money than they were losing— which wasn’t the case. The researchers found players reacted to a near-miss almost as they would if they had won a real game. The players’ overestimation on how much they won didn’t end until they were finished playing. Also, players seemed to think that near misses got them closer to winning, when, in fact, each spin operates independently.

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