FanDuel New Jersey sportsbook refuses to pay bettor $82K on winning ticket, claims glitch caused win

The FanDuel Sportsbook in New Jersey is refusing to pay a bettor the $82,000 his ticket said he won

Where there is gambling, controversy is almost sure to follow. It's happened already in the new FanDuel Sportsbook, where Anthony Prince believes he is owed $82,000. The book is refusing to pay the bet.

Here's what happened, via News 12 in New Jersey: Prince, in the fourth quarter of the Raiders-Broncos game during Week 2, went to place a money-line wager on the Broncos, who were trailing 19-17. Case Keenum had just completed a pass to the Raiders 18-yard line, setting up a Brandon McManus field goal to win the game. 

FanDuel attempted to update the live odds on this game to make the Broncos -600 (basically saying it was a sure thing McManus would hit his field goal). But a glitch caused the update to make the Broncos 750-1 to win the game, or +75,000. 

Prince pounced on the line, betting $110 on the Broncos. Under the odds the Broncos should have had (-600), he would have won $18.35. Under the odds he got on the ticket, he won $82,610. 

When Prince went to collect, FanDuel refused to stroke him a check for the 82 large. Per Prince, the sportsbook offered to give him $500 and free skybox seats at three Giants home games. 

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