FanDuel launches sports gambling via Alexa

It used to be that, in order to place a sports bet, a gambler would need to contact a bookie or visit a legalized sportsbook. Then the Internet was born, and sports gambling became available on a limited basis, depending on jurisdictions. Following that, with the great smartphone explosion, it was possible to tap on a phone’s keypad bets that needed to be placed. The next step in sports gambling innovation has arrived, and it will soon be possible to place a bet just by talking to Alexa.

FanDuel has announced that it has brought to the Amazon Echo, and possibly other Alexa devices, the ability to tell Alexa to open FanDuel. Specifically, FanDuel is offering connectivity to its Pick 6 product, a new Alexa skill that gives users the opportunity weekly to make six predictions on Sunday and Monday-night NFL football games. Users who land all six predictions will be entered into a daily fantasy sports freeroll worth $1,000.

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