Ohio Lottery Makes A New Bet on Mobile

The basic idea of the lottery has changed little since olden times. Ancient Romans and Chinese, medieval Europeans and others regularly bought chances at big prizes, with the money usually flowing into civic coffers for public works. But playing and delivery methods keep changing, with Ohio of all places — no offense to the Buckeye State, home to multiple presidents and the Wright Brothers’ aerodynamic innovations — accounting for some of the latest developments.

Recent days have brought the debut of the “first mobile-enable lottery card” in the state, according to the companies behind the card, Linq3 and Blackhawk Network. The product combines the gift card with the lotto entry, and here’s how it works, according to statement announcing the launch.

Mobile Lottery Product

Consumers go Buehler’sGiant Eagle or Kroger locations to buy the lottery card. Whenever that consumer with the lottery card desires to enter a drawing, “the player texts in the Lottery Card’s unique code to a specified number, provides their name and confirms their location to complete a one-time card enrollment,” according to the statement.

A picture message with the quick pick numbers, draw date and other info then is sent back to the cardholder. “Winners are notified via text and picture message and most winnings are paid automatically via PayPal. After enrolling, players can use their Lottery Card to play again and again by presenting it at checkout,” the statement explained.

Consumers can buy the lottery cards and give them to other people. Not only do gift cards stand as the most popular holiday present, according to the National Retail Federation and other sources, but a Blackhawk Network survey found that “44 percent of consumers surveyed are interested in receiving a gift card to play the lottery, while 43 percent would be interested in giving a lottery gift card.”

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