Webinar: 9 Paths to Recovery

Using the Enneagram in the Treatment of Gambling Disorders and other Addictions

The enneagram is a map used to diagram 9 distinct ways life force energy illustrates patterns of thinking, feeling and reacting. The presenter has used this map while treating many persons impacted by gambling disorders and substance use addictions and has found its use very effective in assisting clients in recovery.

In this 2 hour workshop the presenter will provide a brief description of why the enneagram is a unique tool used in addictions and behavioral health treatment. The presenter will describe what the enneagram is, various ways to use the enneagram, provide a tour of the 9 character structures of the enneagram, describe why core motivation is an important factor in treatment and discuss the DSM correlates for each of the 9 types.

Date: November 7, 2018
Time: 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. EDT

Online - Live Webinar


Register at https://ipgap.indiana.edu/training

Learning objectives:

1. Each participant will be able to describe what the enneagram is.

2. Each participant will be able to discuss why core motivation is important when addressing a personality assessment.

3. Each participant will be able to describe various ways the enneagram can be used in gambling  and substance use addiction and behavioral health treatment.

4. Each participant will be able to discuss how certain underdeveloped types match various DSM correlates.

Renee Siegel has been counseling and coaching individuals and groups for over 35 years. She holds various licenses and certifications in behavioral and physical health modalities. She is passionate about educating individuals and groups on the use of the enneagram. “It’s been a game changer. The enneagram helps us to identify our patterns of thought, emotion and behavior so that we can make changes to improve our lives. It helps us get out of the box we have put ourselves in.”

Renee teaches and trains around the globe and practices in Scottsdale, Arizona.