Video games have a gambling problem, the intervention is overdue

Nowadays, the idea of simply buying a video game, owning it and playing it at your leisure seems naive and quaint. Increasingly, in-game content and rewards are doled out online via random packages, or 'loot boxes', which could contain rich rewards - or be worthless. If you think this sounds like gambling, you're not alone. International gambling regulators are teaming up to fight this unethical profit model...and it's about time.

Fifteen European gambling regulators have joined forces with the Washington State Gambling Commission in an effort to combat "the blurring of lines between gaming and gambling". If you've played games on any platform lately, you've probably run into this kind of thing.

In the game you have the opportunity to get a reward, usually paid for and often referred to as a 'loot box' with a hidden prize could be a skin, treasured item, new character, or anything you could also be something you definitely don't want, like a copy of something you already have. They only way to know is to open (and pay for) the box and try your luck.

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