Casino Decline Affects County

Revenue payouts are lower than the previous two years

For the second year in a row, state casino revenue payouts to Trumbull County are lower than the year before, likely because fewer people are visiting the state’s larger casinos in favor of the smaller racinos, according to the Trumbull County Auditor’s Office.

“We are down $56,064 from last year, and we anticipate that the collections will continue to drop,” said Debbie Santangelo, deputy auditor and chief accountant for the county.

Payouts to Trumbull County peaked in 2015, at $2.977 million, but declined in 2016 to $2.414 million and in 2017 to $2.358 million.

“While many racinos, like Hollywood Gaming (in Austintown), have produced direct and indirect economic development for our entire Valley, the recent dip in casino dollars from the four full-service casinos translates to less dollars locally for the services supported through our general fund,” said Mauro Cantalamessa, Trumbull County commissioner.

Austintown’s Hollywood Gaming at Mahoning Valley Race Course has been been hitting record highs for wagering this year. The facility’s best month since it opened in 2014 was this March, when $99.95 million credits were played.

In October, the Austintown facility saw $93.56 million in credits played, up about $5.5 million over the same month last year when there were $88.08 million credits played, according to the Ohio Lottery Commission, which oversees video lottery terminals.

Of the net winnings in October, $6.22 million went to Penn National Gaming Inc., the Wyomissing, Pa., company that operates the Austintown racino; $3.15 million went to the state lottery commission; and $31,271 went to problem-gambling services.

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