Cleveland-based Ohio Lottery Commission employees charged with theft in office

Three Cleveland-based Ohio Lottery Commission workers were indicted Thursday on felony charges of theft after the state's watchdog agency accused them of selling scrap metal and wooden pallets that belonged to the state to junkyards, and pocketing the profits.

Scott Kronik, Walter Liszniansky and Jeffrey Chapman, who all worked out of the commission's warehouse on Perkins Avenue near the Agora Ballroom, each were charged Thursday with one count of theft in office, a fourth-degree felony.

The men are accused of making about $2,900 over a three-year period from the illegal sales. That averages out to about $1 per day per man.

The indictment has not yet been made public, but the Ohio Inspector General's Office, which carried out the investigation alongside the State Highway Patrol, announced the charges in a news release.

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