Partnership between Jackson Recovery, Hard Rock encourages responsible gaming

SIOUX CITY | Siouxlanders can try their luck at the roulette wheel at a local casino, purchase a scratch ticket at various grocery stores or play slot machines at a North Sioux City gas station.

And with the proliferation of mobile online gambling sites, they can gamble anytime, anywhere -- at home, work or school.

There's no shortage of gaming options, and some people who take advantage of them will develop an addiction, a chronic disease that changes the brain's structure and function, as a result. Adults, seniors and even youth, can all fall victim to compulsive gambling, which affects an estimated 2.5 million Americans.

"People can gamble on nearly anything. You can gamble when you play golf on the golf score, you can gamble on who the next president of the United States is going to be," said Nick Brown clinical supervisor at Jackson Recovery Centers. "It can be one of those exponential loss-type things, where I lost 100, then 200, then 400. It can just take off and skyrocket really quickly."

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