With Star Wars Battlefront II, Disney and EA May Have a Gambling Problem

After months of anticipation, Star Wars Battlefront II made its U.Sdebut on Tuesday, immediately making its dent in the video game galaxy. And while last minute changesdesigned to address gamers’ complaints about the game’s difficulty were made, a controversial decision that lets players pay extra to unlock the game’s best charactersmore quickly has caused some Star Wars fans to rebel on social media, saying the game’s loot crate digital rewards system is a form of gambling.

The concern is over how Battlefront II rewards players with loot crates filled with randomized items. In addition to earning these crates, players can also buy them via microtransactions that convert real world dollars into in-game currency. But since the items are random, players don’t know what they’re buying, and that could be a problem for both Electronic Arts (EA, -1.42%) which developed the game, and Disney (DIS, -0.49%), which owns Star Wars.

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