Ohio Lottery retailers can offer help to problem gamblers

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Ohio Lottery retailers concerned about problem gamblers may hand out slips of paper with scratch-off or MegaMillion tickets telling players where they can find help.

The paper says: "Does Playing Lottery No Longer Seem Fun? Help is Available. Call 1-800-589-9966."

Ohio followed North Carolina as the second state to add a button to terminals that allow retailers to print out the paper that includes the number for a problem-gambling hotline. The Ohio Problem Gambling 24/7 helpline offers free assistance for counseling and treatment.

"The retailer can discreetly provide this ticket, along with any wagers purchased, to their customer," the lottery said in a statement.

A problem-gambling button will be added to all self-serve lottery terminals at the end of October. It will allow individuals to print out the slip.

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