Cleveland Indians Get Behind Legalized DFS in Ohio

Cleveland Indians owner Paul Dolan, whose team has a sponsorship deal with DraftKings, said that regulating DFS would ensure millions of Ohioans could continue to “participate in the popular and accepted form of entertainment” with confidence. 

His letter joins others submitted to the committee last week by executives from the Columbus Crew and the Cincinnati Reds.

The bill was passed emphatically by the House on May 24 and its supporters hope it can garner similar support in the Senate to pass this fall.

“The future of fantasy sports is important to the Cleveland Indians,” wrote Dolan, whose team has had a marketing partnership with DraftKings 2015.

“Senate Bill 153 will ensure that the millions of Ohioans who enjoy fantasy sports can continue to participate in the popular and accepted form of entertainment with confidence that the state has adopted a regulatory structure to better protect consumers,” Dolan wrote.

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