‘Cash Explosion' viewers slam TV game show's overhaul

CLEVELAND -- Fans of Cash Explosion experienced a whole new edition of the Ohio lottery’s TV game show Saturday night.

And many of them aren’t happy with the overhaul…

Viewers filled Cash Explosion’s Facebook page with commentary surrounding their disappointment with how “boring” the new show is.

One fan even started a Change.org petition to bring the original Cash Explosion back.

“After watching the first episode of the new Cash Explosion, I found out that the new format was horrible,” the Change.org movement declares. “It eliminates the interaction and the excitement with the players. The set was dark and the theme music was creepy. … So, in writing this petition, I say we need to bring back the format we all know and loved very much.”

Only 15 people signed it as of September 4.

The previous incarnation of Cash Explosion had four contestants per round take three turns each to win money by slapping a stopper button that would land on a letter in the word “Explosion.” That player would then choose the corresponding letter in the word “Cash” they wanted to turn over. That person would win whatever prize money was revealed.