Have the Conversation with Friends & Family

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month, which reminds problem gambling professionals to Have the Conversation with those they encounter. Having the conversation doesn't have to be greatly detailed or elaborate. It involves mentioning something that you hear or see. 

How often do you have 'the conversation' with your friends and family and wonder if you made an impact? Do you often see that glassy-look from your children and think, 'well maybe next time'? Keep having those conversations! Recently, I was out with some friends and one of them mentioned that her office was having a pool to see when one of her co-workers was going to have her baby. Before I could interject, one of my other friends said "you know that is gambling don't you...doesn't your job have rules against it?" I was very excited to hear the connection between what I was saying and the ability to recognize gambling, which didn't even speak to my elation that he understood the impact and importance of policies related to the workplace.

Celebrate Problem Gambling Awareness Month - Have the Conversation!

For additional resources, visit www.PGNOhio.org.